Benchmarking the Industry Competitive Landscape

Supplier of a high-end bespoke technology in America wanted to understand concerns prevailing in the IT industry regarding cloud services. The client wanted to use the research findings to improve their services and generate leads for the business.

The winners of tomorrow’s digital age are transforming today. Learn how we are enabling transformation for our clients.

Every day the world shifts more towards new digital media and interactive experiences. With rapidly-evolving technologies, changing consumer preferences and oftentimes competing channels, many organizations struggle with how to transform internally to meet the challenges of this new, always connected digital world. GLB can help.

We enable organizations to create engaging and consistent digital experiences across every touchpoint, providing new opportunities for growth.

Save Time

We help clients save time by conducting research into trends and better practices

Save Money

We can highlight areas where cost savings can be made

Mitigate Risk

By learnings and better practice we help its clients mitigate business and IT operational risk

Provide In-Context Advice

Provide advice relevant to marketplace and tailored to your organisation

  • The payment cycle and delivery reception process improved drastically due to the speedy processing of documents.
  • The customer’s operational costs were reduced to a great extent by opting for Flatworld’s offshore services.
  • We capitalized on the difference between the time zones of the two countries – India and the USA – to successfully process all the necessary transactions before the next business day.
  • The customer saved time on re-processing transactions and on exception processing

Client Testimonials

I am more than pleased with the way the project has turned out, and with the overall experience itself. I have been raving about your company to everyone I know, and I will definitely be sending you more projects in the future.
John Doe
Project Management

Project Information

  • Client Logistic Company
  • Completed 08/25/2018
  • Budgets $250.000
  • Location New York, USA

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